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When it comes to home improvement projects, adding an addition to your home is one of the most complex and time-consuming projects you can tackle. But the rewards can really pay off when your finished addition is complete and you have expanded the space of your home!
Rose Tree Construction is ready to help you make the most of your home and help you create the home addition of your dreams. From patio enclosures like adding a four-season room or adding a bathroom addition, we are ready to help you with each step of the process — from the planning, design and construction phase.
As a locally owned and operated home renovation and contractor company, we know the nuances and specifics of homes in Chester County, Delaware County and beyond. We take great pride in helping our customers turn their homes into the perfect space for them and their families.
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Different Kinds of Home Additions

Not all home addition projects require the same level of effort or planning. So, understanding exactly what kind of home addition project you’re looking to complete is the first step in the process.

Here are some of the common types of additions homeowners are looking for:

Patio Enclosures

Do you want to use your outdoor living space all year round? A patio enclosure or four-season room can help you extend the use of your space and give you that sunroom you have always wanted. We can close in your patio or deck to give you a room you can use all year round.

We can customize the design with larger windows or screened doors so you can still take advantage of the great weather in the summer. But, come winter, you will enjoy a separate room to watch the snow fall from the comfort of your home.

Bump Out Additions

If you are hoping to add a small space to your house, like a pantry or closet, a bump-out addition is perfect for you. This type of addition does not require any additional foundation work and is ideal for small spaces that increase your home’s functionality.

Garage Additions

Adding a garage to your home can increase its value and provide you with much-needed storage and additional workspace. We can explore where adding a new garage makes the most sense based on your home’s layout and foundation type.

Attic Renovations

While it is not a completely new addition, you can also renovate an attic to increase your home’s usable space. This can help you take advantage of the space you already have while adding value to your home through the addition of a room or new bathroom.

Whole Home Additions

Sometimes, you need more space but don’t want to deal with the hassle of moving. When you’ve decided to add some serious square footage to your home, we are the people to call. Living rooms, bedrooms, in-law suites, and more are all possibilities to add to your home with Rose Tree Construction. 

The Process of Adding an Addition to Your Home

If you are thinking of adding an extra space to your home with an addition, it is important to understand exactly what the process is so there are not any surprises during the process.

While each home is unique and will require a different design, there are some basic things homeowners can expect during the addition renovation process with Rose Tree Construction.

Explore your options and understand your budget

The first step in any project is to really understand what you are hoping to accomplish and find the right partner to help you conquer a home addition. Rose Tree Construction is ready to work with you to make your home addition a reality. We will sit down to understand your vision, then help sketch out a realistic budget.

We suggest homeowners do a bit of research first to understand their budget and explore financing options first. This can help the process go smoother and avoid any hiccups due to funding. Additions can be expensive projects — but they are a great investment into your home! The average home addition cost will vary based on style, scope and finishes.

Design your home addition and get ready for construction

Once we have aligned on the scope of the project, we will start designing plans and features for your home addition. This includes deciding on a floor plan, selecting features, and gathering permits for construction.

If you decide to use an architect, our project managers can work directly with them to bring your dream home addition to life. 

We'll get started on the construction

Then, the action begins! The Rose Tree Construction team will get to work on your new home addition. We believe in over communicating and working closely with you, ensuring you are up to date and informed the whole way.

We work hard to keep the project on track during the whole process and move fast to get the work done according to the plan. If anything prevents us from moving forward or we need your input, we promise to keep you informed.

Final walk-through and start enjoying your space

When we wrap up construction, we will do a final walk-through with you to confirm everything is exactly as we planned. We want you to feel completely satisfied with our work and excited to start using your new addition!

Let Rose Tree Construction create the addition of your dreams!

Give us a call today and speak with our professional team to learn how we can provide you with a fantastic experience and make your home addition happen! We serve Delaware County, West Chester, Southern Montgomery County, Eastern Chester County, and the surrounding PA area.

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