Wood Flooring

Trending: Wood Flooring

For years the trend in flooring was carpeting. Covering up wood stained floors in favor of plush carpet beneath your toes. However, recently wood flooring has become more popular than ever. Part of this is due to the growing popularity of “great rooms” or making the kitchen and family room an open, connected space. To unite the two rooms into one many are using wood throughout the two spaces to visually create cohesion.

We’re seeing wood floors that are rough, an unfinished rustic style that goes along with Pinterest inspired décor. People want new wood floors that look old. These mean larger planks and darker tones with texture. Popular woods include hickory, cherry and walnut.

Another trend in regards to wood flooring is gray tones. The color is more unexpected than traditional browns but still classic. Gray is a neutral that doesn’t compete with wall colors and furniture. The color gray brings out the natural grains in wood, adding uniqueness.

Due to the popularity of shiplap (thanks Chip and Joanna Gaines) flooring is going even lighter than gray with white as well. This shabby- chic or coastal style creates clean lines and allows for a calming, lived in affect that let’s you play with colors in furniture and décor.

Other trends we’re seeing in 2016? Black, high-gloss and the always, classic traditional browns. But trendy or not, what wood flooring do you prefer in your home?

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